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4 min readSep 1, 2022

Slow Fashion Movement is excited to announce our new and improved flagship campaign called Slow Fashion Season 2022! We hope it is an opportunity for all of us to take collective action in support of slow fashion, grow and support a global slow fashion community, and raise awareness of the negative impact of our linear fashion industry. This campaign will highlight circular fashion alternatives and showcase how fun it is to do good while still looking good!

How will this campaign work?

The Slow Fashion Season 2022 campaign will run for 30 days during the month of September. Its goal is to encourage you to not buy new clothes and to invite your friends and family to join you. Our movement believes that most people are willing to learn and we will help your journey by sharing educational content that will inspire you to adopt slow fashion practices. This intentional space and time will also help you focus on progress versus perfection to adopt a slow fashion lifestyle.

During Week 1 and 2, we will explore the internal factors that influence our slow fashion lifestyles. We will consider the psychology of fashion consumption and how to adopt and commit to a slow fashion lifestyle. During Week 3 and 4, we will explore the external factors that influence our slow fashion lifestyles. We will consider how fashion consumption impacts the environment and how slow fashion practices protect the environment.

Who can join?

The fashion industry is riddled with problems and so we need everyone to be part of the change going forward. Slow Fashion Movement recognizes that no one person creates these issues and all the responsibility shouldn’t be carried on any individual’s shoulders. This means inviting anyone with the means and time to take this opportunity up. However, we do acknowledge it is a privilege to make changes in one’s personal life.

What does this campaign really mean?

Slow Fashion Season 2022 is a way to provide an opportunity to help conscious citizens and citizens across the globe to intentionally make a shift towards a slow fashion lifestyle. This means adopting changes that include embracing conscious fashion practices. We encourage you to use the hashtag #slowfashionlifestyle on social media to showcase to your online community how you are embracing a slow fashion lifestyle.

This campaign also encourages you to embrace progress over perfection. The last few years have been overwhelming for both the people and the planet. This has included a global pandemic, an alarming climate crisis with increasing natural disasters and wars. Slow Fashion Movement hopes that this campaign can provide a space where you can share the burden of issues in the world as a community and make the road for a better future less daunting.

Progress through our actions will allow us to sustainably move forward and reject the pressure for perfectionism, which can cause excess eco-anxiety and eco-guilt. Consider using the hashtag #progressoverperfection to share how you are embracing progress over perfection.

Finally, Slow Fashion Season 2022 is the first campaign running under Slow Fashion Movement as an NGO. We are excited to invite new people into our movement and to support our existing slow fashion community. We want to hear your stories, learn about your struggles and provide education that drives community action for a fashion ecosystem that works for the planet and its people. Use the hashtag #slowfashionseason2022 to showcase your support for the campaign in the content you share with your online community.

What difference will the pledge make?

Signing the pledge will allow you to join a like-minded community that are taking actions to address the structural changes needed in the fashion industry. You’ll be voting with your wallet to support conscious fashion practices and businesses instead of exploitative fashion brands. This will help create a better fashion future that prioritizes its people and the planet.

Take action by signing the pledge! You will be provided educational resources and support when you join our community and embark on your slow fashion journey! We highly encourage you to re-wear or re-style what you already own, instead of buying a new “single-wear garment”. “Single-wear garments” significantly add to landfills, and repeating outfits isn’t a crime! Borrow from your friends, upcycle and rent pieces for a completely new look! There is no better time to commit to a slow fashion lifestyle than now.

Written by Elle Magaña Mireles



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